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Types of Quarry Industrial Products

Quarry Industrial Products

Conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt


  • Conveyor belt is used to convey rock materials in a quarry plant to its intended destination. Conveyor belts are used in various sections of a quarry plant, depending on the size of the quarry plant.
  • Our Group offers conveyor belts in various sizes, thickness and material, catering to the different needs of customers.

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Impact Spring


  • Used as part of a conveyor belt system, impact spring allows the conveyor belt system to convey materials of different weights.

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Conveyor Roller


  • Used in a conveyor belt to support and facilitate the movement of the belt.
  • Available in various sizes that correspond to conveyor belt sizes.


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Belt Fastener


  • Used to fasten conveyor belt, in order to maintain conveyor belt’s productivity.
  • Available in various sizes for use with conveyor belts of different types and sizes.

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Jaw plates


  • Used with jaw crushers, jaw plates are attached to break down various rock materials into smaller pieces.
  • It is highly wear-resistant and comes in various sizes and grades for various quarry operating conditions.

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Mitsubishi Rock Tools


  • Used for rock drilling activities and attached to crawler drill machines, rock tools are made up of button bits, shank and adaptors.
  • These rock tools come in various shapes (button bits of conical, semi-ballistic, retrac button shapes) and sizes (different sizes and length for shanks and adaptors) which are used for various drilling activities and rock materials.

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  • A type of chromium carbide composite cladding material that is used to prolong the life of clad plates.
  • Available in a range of different grades to suit a variety of quarry operating conditions.

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Bucket Teeth/Adaptor/Repointer


  • A type of industrial product that is attached to the bucket of an excavator, bucket teeth/ adaptor/ repointer is used as a type of ground engaging tool for excavators to shift large rock materials.
  • Our Group supplies bucket teeth/ adaptor/repointer from various brands with different surfaces and grades to suit various quarry operating conditions.


Shaft Mounted Reducers


  • Used in material handling equipment such as conveyor belts, shaft mounted reducers are connected to belt pulleys and has the ability to provide speed and torque conversions to other device through a rotating power source.


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Rock Tyre


  • Tyres used on machinery at quarry plants. Produce less heat while at the same time giving excellent anti-wear performance.
  • Available in various sizes to suit various types of machinery.

Packing Compounds


  • A chemical compound that is used as adhesive material to hold conveyor belts.

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Cone-Bac Epoxy Backing System


  • Used to strengthen and join jaw
  • plate to jaw crusher.

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Ammonium Nitrate


  • Chemical compound used as an explosive to blast rocks




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